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from competition-oriented sources!
If it's available to our race shop, it's available to you!
We offer most Volvo parts, from OEM up to "Major Over-kill Competition," with a heavy emphasis on race-proven competition engine parts and chassis handling products. Our complete shop offers custom engineering and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques.

Do we offer B18 and newer Volvo OHV and OHC Swedish high-performance parts? YES!
Do we offer intakes, cams, headers, valve trains, race-prepared heads and complete motors? YES!
Do we offer shop services like fabricating, roll cages, race prep, engine blueprinting and OJ's special torqueplate boring service? YES!
Do we offer custom suspension systems for PV? For Amazon 122 series?? And beyond??? YES!
Do we offer high-performance parts even for the new "wrong wheel drive" Volvos? YES!

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Check out a partial listing of our Product Lines and Lighting Accessories.

OJ Rallye Automotive
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Please mention Volvo Classics Interactive Magazine when ordering.

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