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Life and Volvos Trump Deadlines
(So, what else is new?)

PhilWe're back after the longest hiatus VClassics has ever been subject to. I regret this, and apologize to our sponsors. The fact is that publishing this webzine is voluntary work, and sometimes the paying work simply must take precedence. It was necessary for me to take on a lot of extra professional stuff in order to pay for the Volvo stuff, and then I had to deal with the fruits of those labors directly, as you'll see from my several articles in this issue. We have not one, but two, updates on our Amazon Resurrection, and I've started over on the Multi-Purpose Performance Engine series.

Let me just mention another project that's not far along to write up yet -- the 1800S suspension upgrade. The 185-70/14 tires are now 195-60/15 tires, and the original self-lowered (read: sagged about an inch lower than normal) stock springs are now John Parker's progressive springs. After one month's driving, I am extremely pleased with the improvement in both ride and handling, and I like the look, too. Yet to come are Carrera shocks in place of the old Bilsteins, and urethane bushings in the rear instead of the old rubber units.

New springs

Cameron also has two highly interesting projects in their early stages, but I'll let him tell you about those himself when the time comes.

Because I haven't been able to ride herd on our older classified ads in far too long, a great many obsolete ads have accumulated. The usually big job of sorting them out is now an immense job, so I've simply deleted any ads older than (or not updated since) the first of this year. This will enable me to check on the validity of the remaining ads. If you had an older ad you'd like continued, feel free to submit a new one, or simply let me know that you'd like your deleted ad reinstated -- and tell me what it was about so I can find it, OK?

My goal continues to be to publish a new issue every two months. It's a goal, not a promise -- but I'll do everything I reasonably can to make it happen. We'll just have to see how it goes on an issue-by-issue basis.

And so, without further ado, here's this issue. Hope you enjoy it!

--Phil, editor@vclassics.com

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