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Splicing 1800S Front Body

Replacing the front end on my P1800S -- what year Volvos can I use for front fenders and nose section? Mine is a '66. Where should I splice it in?
Edward Toth

David says: Putting used nose and fenders on would be a lot of fitting and welding. A good job could be done, but rarely is. If it's a rustfree car, get new parts and weld them where the originals were. The factory thought these were good places to splice and the new ones come cut to size.

If the replacement fenders and nose are for rust repair, it may be best to cut across the floor and the windshield pillars. Why put rustfree fenders onto a rusting substructure?

If you clip it, use similar donor. The bulk of the hulk would interchange. The early Jensen cars had the throttle linkage accross firewall in engine compartment; carbureted cars after that did not. Injected cars used cable instead of hydraulic to disengage the clutch.

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