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Rear Disc Brakes Conversion

I have read many references to converting the rear drum brakes of an 1800S to disk brakes, but cannot seem to find any technical info on same. I have a 1967 1800S that is currently being restored from the ground up and would like to add the rear disk brakes. Can you get me in the right direction?
Bob Yapp
Rock Island, IL

Guest Expert says: I am going on the third year since my '66 1800 rear disc brake conversion. It is a somewhat involved job if you want to gain the full benefits available (dual circuit brake lines, beefier drive shaft, cable clutch, etc...). My conversion took parts from a '70 P1800. There is some sheet metal work involving the brake/clutch "hump" that might be intimidating to the novice. Some brackets have to be fabricated to hold the extra brake line and proportioning valve. Additional sheet metal work was done in the driveline tunnel to accommodate the center driveline support from the '70.

The resulting conversion gives a noticable improvment in stopping ability, a wider selection of aftermarket wheels, not to mention better aesthetics (those gleaming discs behind a 5-spoke wheel look far better than rusted drums). Another benefit is that the rear brakes can be replaced without the trouble associated with removing the drums.

I am willing to give any technical advice I can to anyone considering this change. I have had no significant problems with this conversion (knock on wood).

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