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1800S No Spark

Last night I went to change the points and when I put the distributor cap back on she turned over but no "fire"!

Could it be that I may have blown a fuse to the ignition coil? I tried looking for the fuse box but the only thing I could find was that on the left side of the engine compartment there are two fuse holders ... each only holds two fuses ... seems as though there should be another fuse holder somewhere with more fuses?

The reason I started hunting for fuses is because I pulled the coil wire off the distributor cap and held against the block while cranking ... no spark!
Daniel C. Steenerson

Phil says: Dan, the ignition coil is not fused, so that's not it. With the points open, check that the wire connection to the points / condensor is not somehow shorted. Also check that you gapped the points correctly and that they didn't slip closed.

You did remember to put the rotor back on, didn't you (voice of experience speaking)? If all else fails, read the question about Checking a coil.

Problem solved: Incorrect points gap.

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