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Mushrooming Wheels

I have a set of the non-slotted rims but the lug holes are starting to "mushroom out." Can my drums/rotors be redrilled for bigger lugs, larger lugs inserted, and then the rims redrilled to match/receive the larger lugs? Is there another way of getting around this problem (of course, I could buy other/new rims but most of them from this vintage seem to have this problem to a larger or smaller degree)?
Tom Swartz

David says: If your wheels were worth a fortune, they could be repaired. They are not! Buy a torque wrench. Your problem has been caused by over/under torque, not by how many times the tires have been changed. Replace your wheels, be good to them, torque the lug nuts properly and don't let Bozos do it for you.

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