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1800 Pops Out Of Gear

I have a '68 1800. When cruising in 4th gear, if I lift off the accelerator, it pops out of gear. Is it tranny rebuild time -- or something simpler?
Nick Puccia

Phil says: No good news, Nick -- the tranny will certainly have to come out of the car, for a start. Once you have the top cover off, take a look at the detents at the front of the 3/4 selector rod (that's the one on the left), and the associated ball bearing and spring in the case. Fourth is selected when the rod is in the forward position. It's just possible that you'll find a problem there.

What's happening is that the 3/4 synchro assembly is somehow kicking away from 4th gear. It could be that it never engages completely -- inspect the fitting engaged by the shifter and the fork at the front of the selector rod for looseness or cracking. If no fault is found there and the gear is being properly engaged, wear in the synchro assembly itself, in the actual gear or in the bearings will almost certainly be the cause. Looks like a rebuild to me, in that case.

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