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D-Jet Diaphragm Repair

I have a '73 142E with all the trimmings. The fuel injection system is the old electronic type and up until a few years ago worked fine. Then, one day, the car started missing and jerking at a steady cruising speed, especially when I let off the gas. After many disappointing diagnostic dead ends I found an old gentleman who suggested it might be the pressure sensor. Did mine have the front drilled out with an 1/8" hole? Why, yes it did.

I bought a pressure sensor at a local wrecking yard and installed it. It ran the same. I pulled the junk yard sensor apart only to find that the diaphragm was cracked. Mine had the same kind of crack in the diaphragm...

Can I get a new diaphragm, or do I patch the ones I have? Do I have to get a new rebuilt pressure sensor? Does my magic pumpkin take a back seat to the VW warming up in the wings?

Cameron says: I've always managed to keep 'em running with salvaged units -- $10 to $20 around here -- and plentiful, since most D-Jet cars are hated by their owners [more for us, Cameron! --Phil].

The MAP sensor was one of those things that, whenever I saw one in a salvage yard, would get the "suction test." If it passed, I bought it, then gave it the ohmeter test when it made it home. My experience was that about 1/4th of those that I tried failed one test or the other. At one point, I had 7 of the things and when I sat down to test them, 2 were good.

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