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Big Radiator for a PV?

I have been told that the 140-series radiators will bolt into a '62 or later 544 front clip. Will a 164 also fit? Is there a difference in cooling capacity and size between the 140 and 164 radiators? I am looking for the maximum cooling capability I can put into a 444 that is getting a 4.0 liter Ford V6 transplant, with A/C. I also want the most cost effective / easiest way to do this.
Doug Rowe

Jim says: Yes, a '70 or earlier 140 (or 122) radiator will fit the 544 front clip, but a 164 or later 140 one won't. If it were up to me, I'd take a 140 / 122 / 544 radiator to my local shop and have them stuff in the most core that fits between the tanks. It shouldn't be too expensive.

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