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Rear Brakes Lock / Thunking Noise

I've had my '65 122S for about four months now and I am happy to say that I haven't really had any trouble with it. Last week I applied my brakes with normal pressure and, to my suprise, my rear brakes locked. I started off again with no problems. A day later, when I applied my brakes, I heard a noise like something hit my left rear body panel. Two days later, the same noise happened. Do you have any idea what it was and how I can fix this problem?
Billy Gingrow

Phil says: Several thoughts occur. A common cause of rear brake locking is a slight amount of fluid leaking from the wheel cylinders, making the brakes "grabby." After one or two brake applications, the moisture cooks off and all seems well for a bit.

The noise may not be in the brakes at all -- a grabbing brake will apply sudden force to the torque rods that locate the rear axle; if a bushing is worn or a nut loose, the front of the torque rod will thunk loudy against the car's body.

It is also possible that a brake drum is loose and will potentially fall off. Pull the drum and see what's going on. Inspect everything that holds the rear end in the car.

In any case, you obviously need to repair this immediately -- do not drive the car with it doing what it's doing!

Problem resolved: leaking rear brake cylinder.

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